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 Hayai Clan (Canon-Swift Release) Done

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Hayai Clan (Canon-Swift Release) Done Empty
PostSubject: Hayai Clan (Canon-Swift Release) Done   Hayai Clan (Canon-Swift Release) Done EmptyMon Mar 12, 2012 8:54 am

Clan Name: Hayai
Kekkei Genkai: Swift Release
Clan Symbol:
Clan Traits: All members of this clan seem to have lean muscle and not an ounce of fat on them. In order for their mind to keep up with the extreme speeds they move at; the members of the Hayai clan have extremely fast reflexes. They also have white hair which is easily recognizable and makes them stick out in a crowd.
Clan Traditions: N/A
Clan Jutsu:
Clan History: Unknown
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Hayai Clan (Canon-Swift Release) Done
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