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 Akumuyami Clan the Clan of Darkness

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Akumuyami Clan the Clan of Darkness Empty
PostSubject: Akumuyami Clan the Clan of Darkness   Akumuyami Clan the Clan of Darkness EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 8:55 pm

Clan Name: Akumuyami (Nightmare Darkness)

Kekkei Genkai:

Member of the Akumuyami are born with the control over the element of pure Darkness. Unlike the Nara who use shadow manipulation using their own shadow or attaching it to the surrounding shadows for their Jutsu members of the Akumuyami are able to reach out to surrounding shadows with their chakra and control them or even create the darkness from their own element chakra. The Yamiton or Darkness Release element is an element that allows for the complete control over the darkness. Members of the Akumuyami born with this element are able to freely control it from creating weaponry from the darkness, chakra animals, using it for storage or even using it to form mutations on their own body for combat by forming layers of darkness over their body and manipulating it. However the penalty for acquiring this element is that they lose one of their natural affinities. Darkness becomes their main element affinity followed by a weaker sub element usually fire. However things to the darkness element they are able to use collaboration Jutsu with their Katon element for even more powerful techniques.

Clan Symbol:


Clan Traits: Members of the Akumuyami Clan are born with black hair and pale white skin.

Clan Traditions:

Members of the clan will have the clan symbol tattooed onto a part of their body where every they desire.

Clan Restoration Act: Members of the clan when left down to only a few the current head will be incharged with taking multiple wives to ensure the survival of the clan to pass on the clans Kurayamiton bloodline.

Clan Jutsu:

I just copied and pasted from another site. Hope its alright


Clan History:

The Akumuyami was formed roughly one hundred years ago. The clan was formed when the founding member of the clan was caught in the Kyuubi no Youko's rampage. Its demonic chakra leaking over the land killing all in its path. The Kyuubi's chakra fused with the mans body and began to mutate his genes. The demonic chakra destroyed his genes and reconstructed them from scratch nearly destroying his body in the process. The demons chakra increased the man’s natural healing factor and his chakra reserves.

Because of the mutation to his entire gene structure the man lost his natural affinities towards Suiton, Futon and Doton. However he gained three new ones the man found himself gifted with Kato and Raiton along with a third new element. His third element was called Yamiton the element of darkness. His new element gave him complete control over the darkness allowing him to use it to his whim. With this new element he created a clan called the Akumuyami clan or Nightmare darkness clan.

It was discovered that his Yamiton element and advanced chakra reserves were passed down onto his kin but not his advanced healing factor that being the only ability directly his own.

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Akumuyami Clan the Clan of Darkness
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