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 Wingle Clan

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PostSubject: Wingle Clan   Wingle Clan EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 11:12 am

Clan Name: Wingle Clan
Kekkei Genkai: This clan allowed the user to control different personalty's, Each have their very own unqie abilities and skills.The higher the rank and the older the clan member gets they more personalty's he get.Often members of the wingle clan go insane with each personalty trying to take control of the body.Each personalty is different and they can communicate with one another.If a clan member can learn to control each personalty he will become a celestial being. He come become the ultimate fighter.Most clan memeber have only three personaltys. Their abilites take form in physcal strikes one becoming a master in hand and hand combat. The other is gifted in the art of swords, being a master swordsman. The last is a black smith who is able to craft weapons. The black smith can construct bullets from his pure energy and hard them enough to slice through flesh if an opponent is hit by the bullet.He fires the bullets from his finger tips. The personalty are that of a Kong Fu master, Samurai , and even a simple military black smith.The personalty each have their own names and own appearance, A huge white glow will appeare over the user each time a new personalty takes over and their appearance will change according to the personalty. The Kung Fu master capabilities allows him to transfer his element into his hands and feet. His hands and feet will take form of that element.Examples if his element is lighting,lighting will form around his hands and feet every time he punch or kick some one lighting will be sent off from his body into their, he can either then shock them or stun them with Physical attacks. If his Element is fire he will be able to transfer heat into his opponents body from contact on an opponent causing his to burn them. Solid earth will form around his hands and feet if his element was earth and be able to deal more damage or block weapons. Water eleement is the only element he can form around his own body if that was his element. This not being an offeivise element. He would tempory become in the form of water to doge an attack or sink on to the ground like a puddle. Or if he uses win the wind will form around his limbs casting off an slicing wind ,cutting an opponent if if his fist or leg misses as along as the are only a few iniches off no more the 12. The Samurai personalty capabilities allow him to convert his engery into his element shaping it around his blade. He can also shape his energy into the form of the element making his element take the form of a weapon. The Black smith capabilities allows him to fire his element through his pistols or revolers which he uses and shape it in the size of bullets. The Black smith can also fire energy based bullets from his weapon sharp enough to slice through flesh.We an clan member learns to master each personalty he can fuse each of their personality to form his real personality. Once this is done he can use each ability at will with out depending on the personalty. When the three personalty combined there are three different voices speaking as once as he becomes the greatest fighter. When all personalty form together the clan member can use all their chosen elements all at one time together, The clan memebers elements are based on his choose weather they are the four basic ones.Each personalty have the same Doujutsu it allows the clan member to cast elemental ninjutsu from their eyes. The elements must be of their own.If the clan member element was katon or lighting he could form beams out of the element casting from his eyes.Wind will ripel from his eyes making a slicing ripels dash from his eyes.Water shape needles will be casted out his eye if that was his element. Earth will take the same effect as water.
Clan Symbol: (Does your clan have a symbol to represent it?)
Clan Traits: The clan member appearance changes with each personalty switch.
Clan Traditions: The Clan is often to be said to be insane. The clan member is often seen talking to himself ,while he talking to his other halves.
Clan Jutsu: None
Clan History: (History of your clan - optional)
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Wingle Clan
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