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 Misaki Clan - Blooming Beauty[WiP]

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Misaki Clan - Blooming Beauty[WiP] Empty
PostSubject: Misaki Clan - Blooming Beauty[WiP]   Misaki Clan - Blooming Beauty[WiP] EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 3:52 am

Clan Name: Misaki Clan
Kekkei Genkai:
Shape-Shifting: The user’s genetic and cellular structure instantaneously rearranges according to mental input from the user. The clan member uses this ability in a slightly different manner than normal, however. Rather than merely being able to modify her appearance and the way she looks, she is able to further this ability and transmute specific parts of her body such as her limbs, torso, or abdominal area. The only part of her body that she is incapable of manipulating with this ability is her brain or heart, therefore is incapable of creating an extra or replace them if they are damage. There are different types of shape-shifting that she can use in combat, sometimes using multiple types at once.

Weaponry: Whether it be shape-shifting her hand into a long katana or her entire arm into a giant cannon, the clan member can manipulate her body to produce just about any type of weapon. By transmuting her body on a cellular level the weapon produced, such as a katana, can also be strengthened by transmuting it into a metal or merely increasing the carbon level to produce something similar to a carbonized dermal material. If she produces a cannon or other launcher-type weapon, she can utilize her own spiritual energy and condense it into powerful spheres to discharge from the weapons. They act similar to regular blunt-impact projectiles but can be more of a nuisance due to the fact that merely hitting the spiritual energy with something stronger would merely disperse the area hit while the rest continues on it's path, rather than deflecting the entire bullet.
As shown in the picture above, the bullet comprised of spiritual energy was sliced down the middle by a sword, but the two remaining halves continued forward rather than diverting trajectory.

Mechanisms: The clan member can manipulate her limbs to create mechanisms that may serve a variety of purposes. Such purposes can include the use of pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms to substantially increase jumping height, soften landings from extremely high places, or to multiply the strength of a punch or kick to something much stronger. Other mechanisms include but are not limited to: wings capable of flight sprouting from the limbs or back, high-powered roller-blades developing around her feet to increase her speed and agility. Being able to develop mechanisms to enhance her physical capabilities opens up a large variety of options in combat for the clan member

Dermal Transmutation: Dermal transmutation deals with the transformation of the body on a cellular level, particularly the skin. She has the ability to re-arrange the configuration of carbon atoms of her body, allowing her to convert her skin into a graphene material. She usually uses this ability to partially strengthen the density of selected parts of her body during battle, but can extend the effect to its entirety. In this form, she resembles a black-skinned demon with a malevolent facial visage. As the clan member has control over the configuration of her body's carbon atoms, the substances that she can convert her skin into can vary based on her intentions. She can choose to convert her skin into a diamond-hard material, or she can turn her skin into a material as weak as charcoal.

Dermal Transmutation is not limited to just strengthening or weakening the durability of the body, however, but also extends to converting the entire body into a rubber-like material. This allows her to extend her body and limbs to extraordinary distances, giving her limitless flexibility to avoid in-coming attacks that, normally, her inherent bone structure would disallow. She will often use this to her advantage in close-combat encounters in order to strike from seemingly impossible angles and dodge attacks from multiple areas simultaneously.

Regeneration: Her body in general is capable of quick and swift regeneration or generation of cells to replace those that have been damaged, infected, or are lost to her through shape-shifting. This is a key ability to her transformations as many of them require more body mass than her small body possesses. This allows her to generate more cells to perform feats such as transforming her small arm into a large hammer. Obviously, it can also be used to heal minor damage to her body such as a limb that has been chopped off or a stab wound. However, as her shape-shifting ability are limited to her body, so is her regeneration. Any damage dealt to the brain what-so-ever can not be regenerated. Same goes for her heart as her heart is the source of her spiritual energy. This has lead to her weak spots being notably the head and the heart.

Weapon Creation: Rather than transforming her body parts into weapons, the clan member can also produce a weapon that is separate from her body such as a scythe, sword, or hammer and simply hold it with her hand. These weapons, produced using a combination of her shape-shifting abilities and generation abilities, can also be used by others, but can easily be degraded into nothingness merely by touching the clan member who created it and her willing it.

Physical Appearance: As basic shape-shifting ability, the clan member can use her shape-shifting abilities to modify her over-all physical appearance. This includes but is not limited to the modification of her hair color, eye color, height, weight, skin color, and even clothing. Her abilities in this area are slightly limited, however, as she can not transform into things that are smaller than her initial mass such as a small rabbit or rat.
Her shape-shifting abilities are not solely limited to these types.
Clan Symbol: Misaki Clan - Blooming Beauty[WiP] 641px-Triple-Spiral-Symbol-filled.svg
Clan Traits: Members of the Misaki Clan are most characterized regarding their appearance as having pure, snow-white hair and sinister red eyes.
Clan Traditions: N/A
Clan Jutsu: (Your clan's secret jutsu. If any.)
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Misaki Clan - Blooming Beauty[WiP]
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