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 Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon}

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Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon} Empty
PostSubject: Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon}   Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon} EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 8:04 pm

Clan Name: Kyouna- Ice Demons
Kekkei Genkai: Hyōton; Ice Release. By combining their wind and water chakra, a member of the Kyouna clan can create and manipulate ice on their own willpower alone. It is surprisingly resistant to fire jutsu because of the chakra embedded into the ice created.
Clan Symbol: Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon} Snowflake
Clan Traits: Most clan members are born with dark hair and startling blue eyes. They are naturally pale, and always feel cold to the touch. They never feel the cold either.
Clan Traditions: Because of the Kyouna clan being nearly wiped out by the masscres of those with bloodlines, they have never held their traditions (if they ever had any) true.
Clan Jutsu:
Clan History:
The Kyouna clan are The Mist Villages second most well known clan as its co-founder and unique ability to manipulate and create the ice element. In the time before the great villages were constructed they were one of the lesser clans for hire but they were still well known all the same and held a certain level of respect and honor. Unlike the accursed Kaguya clan they are actually quite peaceful by nature though quite deadly in battle. Despite there grand foothold in the society of Kiri, they at one point, just like the Kaguya were persecuted by the normal villagers for there arcane abilities which were beyond what normal shinobi could do. Their faith in the village never wavered though, and unlike the Kaguya, they never struck back against their critics.

When the Kaguya rebellion came to pass, they led the resistance to the struggle and were the main cause for the ending of the feud. As a result of this they single handedly brought their village closer together and ended the persecution, the two clans gaining more respect and stature then ever before amongst their home. For many years they have served as the primary protectors of the village and its most well known family name.

{OOC: Before anybody asks, yes, this is Haku's clan; hence why it is Canon. However, I have changed the name.}
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Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon} Empty
PostSubject: Re: Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon}   Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon} EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 8:10 pm


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Kyouna Clan {Ice Clan- Canon}
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