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 I'm Kazumi

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PostSubject: I'm Kazumi   I'm Kazumi EmptyFri Feb 08, 2013 4:59 am

Hi everyone, I am Kazumi. You can call me Kaz if you want, if you prefer to shorten names.

I am a big time RPer and sometimes a story writer when some super-awesome I-must-do-or-else-I'll-forget-and-I-would-have-lost-a-really-good-chance-at-story-writing idea comes to my head. Those ideas are very rare though. Anyway, I've never really RPed a Naruto one before, so I think I'll try.

By the way, can someone explain this website a bit better for me? It's a RP forum all based on one period (I bet I just made it sound like a bad thing, didn't I?)? Did I get any thing wrong?
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I'm Kazumi
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