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 Nekomotze Clan

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PostSubject: Nekomotze Clan   Nekomotze Clan EmptyMon Nov 26, 2012 5:00 am

Clan Name: Nekomotze

Kekkei Genkai: /
Clan Symbol:
Clan Traits:

  • Members have red hair.
  • Members have sharp canines.
  • Male members often have more body hair.

Clan Traditions:

  • Members have small wood or rock totems of animals (usually wolves, bears, eagles) in front of their houses.

Clan Jutsu:

Wild Life Instincts:

Roar Of The Mountains:

Clan History: The Nekomotze clan's been in Iwa pretty much since the forming of the great villages, and it continues to produce shinobi ever since. Some say that they come from the Inuzuka, is it true is unknown. The clans are similiar, as both of them have a lot of similarities with animals, only difference being Nekomotze are "bear-like" people, not "dog-like".
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Nekomotze Clan
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