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 Tori Clan (complete)

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Tori Clan (complete) Empty
PostSubject: Tori Clan (complete)   Tori Clan (complete) EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 11:22 am

Clan Name: Tori
Kekkei Genkai: Black Griffin claw: This techique gives a clan member a black birds claw for a hand and and deal some permant damage and leave permanant marks of where they've been hit (scars). Added teechiques will add after effects to this .

Black pursuit: When this techique is used by a clan member they will automatically be able to locate anyone they have scarred with Black griffin claw if they are within a 75 ft. radius.

Summoning of 100 black crows: When a clan member uses this techique they will create 100 birds out of chakra and be able to use them to swarm and attack a enemy. This techique can only be used one a battle if you are chunnin rank only twice if you are a Sannin or S rank criminal.

Griffin Sight: Any clan member may see through the view temporially control any nearby birds and use them as spies and many other things.

Seeping Black Pain: when this techique is added to any of the scars from Black griffin claws it causes Pain to come from the mark when they come in radius of the marks 75 ft. effect and is usually used to keep others away from the clan such as enemies and unwanted.

(This can be added to by other members if apporoved due to this only be techiques my character will know from the clan)

Clan Symbol: A three black bird feathers are the clan's symbol. the feathers will point a certain direction to show the branch.

Clan Traits: All members of the clan will have pitch black hair and as they become a genin they are given a bird claw mark on their body.

Clan Traditions: The clan has four branches in each direction of the village. North, West, South, and East. Each has a unquie version of the seceret techique and each has a different leader and other ranks added.

Leader/ head of branch of the clan

Holder(s)/ the person or people in the certain branch that hold the secret techique. Only two at one time can know one version and that is only to train another like a jonin teraching a certain Genin the techique.

Guards/ these members help in protecting the clan and guard the scrolls to the secret techique and is only rank that is constantly working with the other branks of this rank.

Assistant/ this person assists the current leader of the branch and can command the guards with a leaders sign of approval. They are to take over after the leader dies or goes missing.
They are chosen by the members who count for 1 vote. Guards count for two. Holders count for 5 and leader is 10. showing this also show the importantence and authority of each rank.

Members/ members have no special role and go through autority by rank in village as such a chunnin member can overrule a gennin member. But in case of a jonnin member they have the right to over rule guards due to their respected skill by the village is also noticed by the clan.

Clan Jutsu:
Storm griffin of the West- link when made
griffin of the North- availible
griffin of the East- availible
griffin of the South- availible

Clan History:
West- The west branch of the clan is smallest yet strongest of members among them but they seemed to have a strong link to crime but couldn't be proven. Eventully this clan branch was put to rest by currently known S rank Criminal Ai Tori. This branch has not only fallen from the multiple members he's killed but currently he's the only holder of the techique and has stolen the scroll in which it is written in. If they even restored their branch their techique is gone and must be recovered any member of this branch is obviously connected to Ai Tori and will have one goal for the clan. To kill him and recover the scroll until then this branch is rather a mess and the current leader is about to back down due to mess he caused long ago. The branch is currently the least active with village activaties and will be known to train themselves instead of letting the village so they don't have to be bothered in their matters.

North- added when wanted by a north member
East- "^"
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Tori Clan (complete)
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