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 ~True Happiness is Bliss~

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~True Happiness is Bliss~ Empty
PostSubject: ~True Happiness is Bliss~   ~True Happiness is Bliss~ EmptySat Aug 27, 2011 6:31 pm

I'm [ Setōshi ]. . .

Hello there Guest, this is a proud member of Naruto Universe [Bliss] or many may call me Setōshi or Setō. . . I just want to say hello and give a little information about myself. My name is Otis Setōshi Iverson , I'm half Black & Filipino and on April 30 I will be turning 18. I have been Rping for over four years now and many of yu may know me or remember my character from various sites, if yu don't then take the time to get to know me. Lets see, my favorite color is Grey simply because to me it seems like a perfect balance between light colors and dark colors, for whatever odd reason it relates to my life. I am Heterosexual, yet I'm so straight that I can joke around with guys and it'll seem gay, but it's all in good nature for a couple of laughs, if I ever take things to far tell me. If anyone ever sees me put ". . ." in the Chatbox don't take it as something is wrong with me, that's just my way of letting people know I haven't left. For the most part, you wont see me online during the day because I'm the Drum Major for my schools Marching Band so I have a lot of responsibility, but don't fret for I'll be online from 7PM-1AM PST.
Well, that's pretty much [Bliss] wrapped up and tied in bow topped box, hope you have enjoyed my introduction and I hope to Rp with you.

Later Dayz

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~True Happiness is Bliss~
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