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 [Character and RP Rules]

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[Character and RP Rules] Empty
PostSubject: [Character and RP Rules]   [Character and RP Rules] EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 5:41 am

These rules will constantly be updated.

  • You may only have one account and as much characters you want
  • Only two of your characters can be Over Jounin or have a unique atrribute such as jinchurikki upon start
  • Any Jutsu custom or canon similar to the shunshin or replacement technique will have limited uses to avoid overuse;
    2 uses per thread each - Genin
    4 uses per thread each for Chuunin
    5 uses for shunshin and 6 uses for replacement technique per thread for Jounin
    Still 5 uses for shunshin and 7 uses for replacement for Kage
  • If a character containing a bijuu gets killed the bijuu will not escape unless required to do so for a plot. Once killed the bijuu position will be open for another in the same village
  • If a ninja decides to attack a village know that if there aren't many PC (player controlled) village members then NPC Anbu, jounin, etc. will be used to protect the village so it would be in your best interest not to attack a village, Alone.
  • Please add the name of the character you're using and its Rank at the beginning of each post
  • Each character can only be in one topic at a time, if you want to leave the thread post [Exit Thread] at the bottom of your final post.
  • Please add links to all your characters with their Ranks in your signature.
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[Character and RP Rules]
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