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 [ChatBox Rules]

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PostSubject: [ChatBox Rules]   [ChatBox Rules] EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 12:43 am

These are pretty straight forwards:-

- Don't be a prat, in other words don't feel that it is your duty to annoy other people just for the hell of it.

- Don't argue about useless stuff, and if you do just try to do it over PMs or spam section or something.

- Staff always have the last words, please just try to follow the staff's wishes, if they say something then just do it and don't argue. If you show them respect then that favour will be returned.

- If a Mod or admin bans you for most likely breaking the first rule then accept it, if they do it without a valid reason then please let another staff member know...cause only Admin can ban people when they feel like for no reason...¬_¬ though it would be unprofessional so we won't.

- No advertising on the chatbox, that's what the advertisement section is for. The only exceptions to be made is if you are linking to a thread or content from another site.

Breaking any of the rules first time will either earn you a warning or even a ban for one day MAX. Anymore and the ban sentence an be as long as the Mod/Admin feels it should be.
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[ChatBox Rules]
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