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 [General Rules]

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Rudeness and Immaturity~
This is a roleplay site to have fun and enjoy yourself. Don't get worked up over nothing and turn into a total jerk. If you have a temper - Learn to calm down. Not everyone is out to get you; not every comment is an insult; not every statement of opinion is a blatant personal flame. So chill out, and be mature while on this site. I don't mean joking around and having fun aren't allowed, I am talking about *real* maturity.

Godmodding and metagaming~

Some characters are strong; some are natural born geniuses; some are born with powerful abilities; some have the intelligence or skill of a killer three times their age. However, NO person is invincible, all knowing, and capable of everything. Everyone has a weakness or lacks heavily in a certain area, even in a mental or emotional standpoint. This is a rule that is often overlooked and ignored most of the time, but it will be heavily enforced here.

Your character will NOT have knowledge that he or she has not gained IC. If they have not witnessed or fought against an ability , or have not extensively studied and researched such things, they would not know what it was. This applies to all sorts of information, not only combat abilities, so if you have not actually gained knowledge of a certain subject IC, then your character will not know whatever that might be.


There are no word requirements when posting, simply post what you can but try to be as illiterate as possible and also at least attempt to match the person who you are rping with's post just to give them something to work with for their post. If you want to have a private chat topic with someone please add [PRIVATE] to the topic title, if you don't anyone is free to join. Also please remember to add [Enter Thread] and [Exit Thread] when you join and leave a topic.

Age Rating~

This site is child-friendly, all topics must be kept at most PG-13 but if you wish to have a more mature topic with some content that might be seen as unfit for others then please post [Mature] at the end of your topic title to let us know.


Death happens, it is the cruel world we all know. If you are in a thread where you think a fight might occur, and you don't want anyone in the thread to die, you needn't post anything in the title. If you have any other thread demands, list them at the beginning of the first post, and ensure all posting parties agree with it. All topics are non-kill unless stated otherwise within the title, this cannot be chaged during battle unless both parties agree upon it.
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[General Rules]
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