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 Kyouna, Tsuki {The Mist's Guiding Light} -WIP-

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Kyouna, Tsuki {The Mist's Guiding Light} -WIP- Empty
PostSubject: Kyouna, Tsuki {The Mist's Guiding Light} -WIP-   Kyouna, Tsuki {The Mist's Guiding Light} -WIP- EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 8:40 pm

[General Information]

Name: Kyouna, Tsuki

~*~The Mist's Guiding Light
~*~Tsuki of the Mist
~*~Koori Tsuki (Ice Moon)

Age: 26
Gender: Female


Tsuki is a beautiful young woman who stands at a rather average height of 5'7" with a slender yet delightfully curvy figure. She had quite a number of hopeful men chasing after her in her youth, and even to this day. She has ink-black hair and startling, vivid blue eyes that pictures never do any justice to. The odd combination of dark hair and bright eyes is one commonly found in her clan, and thus many do not find it so strange anymore. Due to living in Kirigakure where the sun rarely manages to break through the thick mist, Tsuki's skin tone is quite pale yet not so much that she looks ghostly. The pale skin is also a common trait in her clan, so this is widely accepted and known too. Her hair reaches down to around her hips in length from years of growing. If the rare opportunity arises that she does train or fights, she will tie her hair up into a high ponytail with a few bangs hanging down purposely. When in the Mizukage office, it is rather common to see her holding a fan of some nature, as shown in two of the pictures above. It is merely a habit she got from her mother, and she admires the beautiful detailing on them as well.

As for outfits, due to being a female Tsuki is prone to chopping and changing her outfits depending on what her mood is when she gets dressed. She has many clothes but this too is normal, and she has a collection of shoes which is also rather normal. Most of the latter simply sit in her wardrobe to look pretty since she never wears them. The outfit she wears more often than not is a basic dark blue shirt that hugs her figure with t-shirt sleeves, a black skirt with an ice blue trim, white shorts underneath and black sandals with a small heel on them. Over this she wears the loose Mizukage robe with the Land of Water's Kanji on the back, and she always wears it undone. In her office she has the Mizukage hat, but she never wears it unless on formal ceremonal occasions or meetings. She does not favour simply this outfit, however, and will often wear dresses, tank tops, shorts, leggings and trousers too. As for colours; most of her clothes are in the ever versatile black, a range of blues, purples, dark greens and whites. This list of colours is often referred to as the 'cool colours', which is rather fitting in relation to her clan.


Tsuki is often described to have the best qualities in a leader. She is very likeable and polite to those she meets, intelligent and determined to make her people happy. However, she has a sense of dedication, strictness and a dominating aura about her person also. How could one make every person in the village obey them with simply being kind? Although kindness goes a long way with gaining support, her stern side also appeals to the villagers as well. She is the perfect person to have in a crisis, as shown with the past years of recovery. She took over the role of Mizukage in a bad time since they were starting to run out of money in order to bring imports into the village, and their military force was down to nearly nothing. In nothing more than a year or so, Tsuki had the village facing in the right direction in terms of economic and military aspects. Because of this, people of the village have been eternally grateful to her, thus giving her the name of 'The Guiding Light of the Mist'.

Rather like her clan, Tsuki does have a very cold and harsh side that she has put under wraps since making the position of Mizukage. She was very often the rational thinker in her days as a full-time shinobi, and needed to be the way she was to get things done. Since she has been sat behind her desk, however, she has warmed up dramatically. She is nice, polite, sweet, kind-hearted and a pleasure to talk to about anything. She speaks with a tone of class in her tone of voice that makes people listen, for it sounds like she knows what she is talking about. Although it happens very rarely, when one insults Tsuki and anything she holds dear, she can become quite nasty with a firey temper.

Likes & Dislikes:

+ Literature
+ Books/ Reading
+ Stargazing
+ Peace and quiet
+ People with good hearts

- Over-crowded spaces
- Rowdy/ noisy places
- Spicy food
- Humidity
- Evil in any form
Catch Phrase:

"Everything we're not makes us everything we are."
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why we call it the present." - Kung-Fu Panda (<3)
"Everybody has the capacity to change."
"We make our own destiny."

[Battle Information]

Clan Name: Kyouna
Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Weaponry/ Kenjutsu
Third: Fuuinjutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Suiton {Water}
Sub: Fuuton {Wind}
Clan: Hyōton {Ice}

Special Characteristics:

+ Tsuki's Ice Ninjutsu is famous across the shinobi world. Needless to say she was a clan prodigy and learnt everything seemingly without breaking a sweat.
+ Her speed, strength and stamina have reached immense levels with her practise in Kenjutsu. This means that if she is disarmed she can hold her own with her sheer strength. Also, her chakra capacity is larger than most shinobi's.
+ Battle strategies are Tsuki's forte. She can easily make them down to the finest detail under great pressure.


- Her lack of practise in Genjutsu has left her very vulnerable to it. Despite her intelligence being enough to realise she is under a Genjutsu, she finds it hard to get out of one.
- Being quick to anger with her terrible temper, Tsuki loses control big time. She cannot think straight once somebody has pushed her buttons, and she attacks blindly in a fury. This can sometimes be good, but more often than not it is a bad thing as it can get her seriously hurt.
- Although she can fight at long range, it isn't a range she has practised very much. So if somebody forces her to long range, her fighting will not be as good.

[Rank Information]

Country: Kiri
Village Rank: Mizukage/ Leader of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist
Skill Rank: S

[Weapons Information]

Name: Shimochi (Basically translates to; Frost Blood)
Appearance: Kyouna, Tsuki {The Mist's Guiding Light} -WIP- Pbucket
Rank: S
Special Abilities: This is the personal sword of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist's leader, Tsuki. It is roughly 3 feet tall, perhaps bigger. Its blade is thick and has a slight 'crack' on one side near the point of the sword. The blade itself is black in colour with silver a silver sheen running down the middle from the hilt. The hilt itself is silver with odd blue patterns, and the handle is silver with black material wrapped round it. The metal has chakra conducting properties, allowing the user to project their elemental and regular chakra through the blade for more powerful attacks. It was specifically forged to accomodate Tsuki's bloodline element, and can project Ice through it also. Like Samehada has the ability to eat chakra, Shimochi can sense chakra in a large radius. It is unknown how the sword notifies its holder of chakra and amounts, but it isn't a complex way.
Origin: This sword was forged personally to become Tsuki's blade as she took over as the successor for the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. It was rather strange for a woman to become part of the organisation, yet at the same time it was a proud moment also. Ever since then, Tsuki has held the sword in high priority. It never leaves her side, so to speak, and she always keeps it safe.


  • Kunai x 40
  • Shuriken x50
  • Senbon x 65
  • Reel of Wire x3
  • Exploding Tags x50
  • Smoke Bombs x20
  • Flash Bombs x20
  • Makibishi x40
  • Demon Wind Shuriken x1 (Contained in scroll)
  • Basic pair of nunchucks x1 (Also contained in scroll)
  • Basic katana (Also contained in scroll)
  • Large blue fan with white snowflakes on it (Also contained in scroll)

[Jutsu Information]

Hyoton Jutsu;

Suiton Jutsu;

Fuuton Jutsu;


No Element Jutsu;


~*~ Tsuki keeps a personal messenger bird perched on a large wooden staff in her office that she calls Nobu. It is a mid-sized hawk that people can recognise due to its distinctive squawk. Otherwise, he looks like a pretty basic hawk.
~*~ Tsuki's summon animal is the Lynx. Due to spending time training in her summon world, she can call forth any member of the Lynx family she got close to. They vary in size and abilities, but all have inherited her ability to manipulate Ice; making them like a clan summon in many cases. The Lynxes have respective names and are all very close to Tsuki. They will do anything for her.

[Background Information]

History: (Your character's background story and life.)
RP Sample: (A sample of your RP ability. Not required for Genin.)
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Kyouna, Tsuki {The Mist's Guiding Light} -WIP-
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