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 [Ranks Information]

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Genin -OPEN-
Genin are the lowest of ninja skill levels. They possess a knowledge of all the basic ninja skills and will do lower C & D rank missions with their Jounin sensei. Once the Genin has successfully undertaken eight missions, they can be sponsored by their Jounin sensei for the Chuunin Exam. Genin are the lowest level of ninja. Because of this, skill levels vary drastically between Genin. Genin are put in four-man cells, consisting of three Genin and a Jonin sensei, in order to learn teamwork and experience true ninja life under the supervision and protection of an elite shinobi. The make-up of these teams is based on the individual skills of the Genin, so that there will remain a balance between the teams. When they become Genin, ninja start to do their bit for their village's economy, for which they are given a small payment. They are typically sent either on D-rank missions, which are the lowest rank and are almost entirely risk-free jobs of manual labor, or experienced genin are sent on C-rank missions, which are a cut above that and begin to verge on real "ninja" work, though they generally have a very low possibility of risk to the ninja involved.
Jutsu Limits: 15 jutsu maximum. E, D, and C rank allowed.
Skill Information: 1 Specialty, 1 Element

Chuunin -CLOSED-
Chuunins are respected amongst their fellow Shinobis, though they are not as skilled as Jounins they can fight at a high degree. Though at this rank they are given some responsibilities, they are still not informed on many things that happens in their Village. The Chuunin is the basic journeyman ninja of the village. These ninja can become field doctors or teachers. They were formerly Genin who were promoted for displaying excellent intelligence, strategy and combat skills in the Chuunin Exam. Chuunin have the equivalent rank of military captain, exhibiting strong stamina, knowledge and inner wisdom.
To Obtain This Rank: Pass The Chuunin Exams

Jutsu Limits: 30 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, and B rank allowed.
Skill Information: 2 Specialties, 1 Element

Jounin -OPEN-
Jounins are skilled in almost every aspect in their skills and are considered to be the heart of a Village. Jounins are a Village's first line of defense and are one of the most highly respected ranks in a Village. Most Jounins are given a team to train and are normally given high ranked missions such as A-Ranked and S-Ranked missions. The Jounin are ninja who are highly skilled in all jutsu skills and arts. Ninja attain the rank of Jounin through official appointment. The Jounin generally serve as squad commander for mission operations.
To Obtain This Rank: After two months of being a Chuunin or through appointment by your respected kage one may acquire this rank.

Jutsu Limits: 45 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, B, and A rank allowed. 3 S-rank.
Skill Information: 2 Specialties, 2 Elements.

ANBU members hold many secrets that involve their Village. Any Anbu Black Op member may be called at anytime to perform a covert mission. As they wear masks to hide their identity they act as a Jounin to people outside the ANBU Black Ops to convey the idea they are still Jounin. The ANBU, meaning "dark side" is actually short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (literally Assassination Tactics Special Military Force). The ANBU work directly under the leadership of the Hokage. This specialized ninja battalion generally work in groups of four to five. They are responsible for assassinations and missions requiring highly trained ninjas. The masks the members wear are based around the signs of the zodiac.
To Obtain This Rank: After three weeks of being a Jounin one may request for this rank from their Kage by completeing an S-rank mission.

Jutsu Limits: 45 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, B, and A rank allowed. 3 S-ranks.
Skill Information: 2 Specialties, 2 Elements.

Konin -OPEN-
Konin (literally meaning= Great Ninja) are known throughout their Village as Legends and as the strongest shinobi, only second to the Kage. There can only be at a maximum of 3 Sannin in a Village. Most Sannin are considered to be the next in line for the Kage position once a Kage dies.

Jutsu Limits: 50 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, B, and A rank allowed. 5 S-ranks.
Skill Information: 3 Specialties, 2 Elements.

Kage is the highest rank a ninja may obtain inside a Village. A Kage leads their Village and dictates all things that goes within the Village, rather it be handing out missions, assigning teams or even filling out paper work. The village Kage is the strongest ninja in the hidden village. The Kage serves as the pillar upon which the village stands and the strength a village presents to the other ninja countries largely depends upon the strength of the Kage in power. They have excellent chakra and stamina and know the most jutsu techniques. Only the Five Great Shinobi Countries are allowed to call their head ninja by the Kage name.
To Obtain This Rank: Can only be appointed by the head admin.

Jutsu Limits: 55 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, B, and A rank allowed. 6 S-ranks.
Skill Information: 3 Specialties, 2 Elements.

Hokage- CLOSED
Mizukage- CLOSED

Tasogare Leader -CLOSED-
Tasogare Leader is an extremely powerful kage-level shinobi who is most of the time the most wanted criminal in the ninja world. He runs the powerful organization known as Tasogare and are definantly a force not to be reckoned with. If you ever decide to go shinobi hunting, this is most certainly not the rogue you should choose to underestimate.
To Obtain This Rank: It is given to someone who has expert RP skills by the site founder.

Jutsu Limits: 55 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, B, and A rank allowed. 5 S-ranks.
Skill Information: 3 Specialties, 2 Elements.

Tasogare -OPEN-
The Tasogare kanji means dusk. This Organization is a collection of S-Ranked criminals. Many of these are missing-nins who fled their villages after causing death and destruction. Most members wear a forehead protector from their hidden village with a scratch through it, and all seem to wear a ring identifying their position in the organization and a black cloak with red clouds. The group itself acts as mercenaries for hire, offering their services to villages wary of taxing their own resources. When the organization members leave to travel the country they will work in groups of two collecting knowledge of new skills and jutsu. The exact origins of the group are clouded in mystery, rumors suggest it may have formed in the Water Country.
To Obtain This Rank: By leaving your village and being recruited by the leader after being a missing ninja for an entire week or starting off if your RP sample is deemed good enough by an administrator as well as the Tasogare Leader.


Jutsu Limits: 50 jutsu maximum. E, D, C, B, and A rank allowed. 3 S-ranks.
Skill Information: 3 Specialties, 2 Elements.

Missing Ninja -OPEN-
Missing Ninjas are ninja who have abandoned their Hidden Village, and as such can include ninja of every rank. These ninja are considered traitors and are hunted down because of the secrets they may hold. Other Hidden Villages would be interested in purchasing this information because it could be useful in gaining an upper hand in battle or obtaining a bloodline limit unique to a village. Villages create special units of hunter-nin to take care of this problem, although it's unlikely that every missing-nin has a team of hunter-nin sent after them. Also, some may be impossible to find unless they do something to attract attention.
To Obtain This Rank: Escape your village by fighting off pursuers. If no one attacks after 48 hours, you are successful.

Jutsu Limits: -Depends on rank equivalent-
Skill Information: -Depends on rank equivalent-

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[Ranks Information]
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