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 [Staff Responsibilities]

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Level 1 Admin/Founders | [Silver]
Level 1 Admin are the leaders of the forum, they are the ones that keep everything in place and make sure everything is as it should be. One of their main responsibilities no one else is capable of is ranks and groups management. Admin are expected to be kept occupied with many things so please don't bother them about applications.

Level 2 Global Moderators |
Global moderators will have similar powers and a bit less authority to the Admin although just without the admin panel capabilities. They will also watch the forum to make sure everything is as it should be and moderator in all forum boards.

Level 3 Moderators |
Application Mods or just Moderators as they are some time known will have moderating capabilities over everything apart from the Roleplaying section. They will be able to approve characters, weapons, jutsu, etc. but will not be able to moderate the RP areas like the Campus and any topics within.
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[Staff Responsibilities]
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