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 [Ryo System & Usage]

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[Ryo System & Usage] Empty
PostSubject: [Ryo System & Usage]   [Ryo System & Usage] EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 7:54 am

Ryo is the official currency of this site, it is used to buy weapons, jutsu scrolls, puppets..

Gaining Ryo

The first basic way of getting points is by posting; you will get 5 Ryo everytime you post and 8 when you create a topic. This will mean that you will be able to get 50 Ryo with just 10 posts, simple right? This way only works by posting in Roleplay areas.

The second way is by doing missions; there are no real fixed amounts of Ryo you can get but i will post the averages of what might be expected here; the amount of Ryo is chosen by the Kage that gives you the mission.

D Rank ~ 20 - 50 Ryo
C Rank ~ 60 - 85 Ryo
B Rank ~ 100 - 150 Ryo
A Rank ~ 175 - 250 Ryo
S Rank ~ 300 - 400 Ryo

Using Ryo


When you want to create or purchase some jutsu you need to know before hand how much it will cost you;

D Rank ~ 25 Ryo ~ 200 words
C Rank ~ 40 Ryo ~ 400 words
B Rank ~ 65 Ryo ~ 575 words
A Rank ~ 100 Ryo ~ 825 words
S Rank ~ 125 Ryo ~ 1300 words

To successfully get a new jutsu, you need first to post in Jutsu Purchase area to actually buy the jutsu scroll that you'll learn the Jutsu from. Then after doing the needed training post in Modification Area with link to your training and a staff will review it. Now if you want to learn a jutsu from your Sensei, you won't have to purchase the scroll, and you'll only have to write half the training word count.


Now there will be limits for starting weapons. The rest needs to be purchased;

C-Rank Ninja > 1 Custom Weapon
B-Rank Ninja > 2 Custom Weapons
A-Rank Ninja > 3 Custom Weapons
S-Rank Ninja > 4 Custom Weapons

C-Rank Ninja > 5 Puppets
B-Rank Ninja > 10 Puppets
A-Rank Ninja > 15 Puppets
S-Rank Ninja > 20 Puppets

D Rank ~ 50 Ryo
C Rank ~ 80 Ryo
B Rank ~ 130 Ryo
A Rank ~ 200Ryo
S Rank ~ 250 Ryo


Ninja Rank Up:

Genin > Chuunin: Chuunin Exams or 300 Ryo and Special Mission
Chuunin > Jounin: Kage Promotion or 500 Ryo and Special Mission
Jounin > Sannin: Kage Permission + 700 Ryo and Special Mission
Sannin > Kage: Vote in

Missing Ninja Rank Up:

C-Rank > B-Rank: 250 Ryo + Special Mission
B-Rank > A-Rank: 450 Ryo + Special Mission
A-Rank > S-Rank: 650 Ryo + Killing another S-Rank (NPC Allowed)
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[Ryo System & Usage]
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