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 [Bijuu List & Training]

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Three Bijuu per village Max.
[Bijuu List & Training] 297804kunai_se_separation

[Bijuu List & Training] Kyuubi Nine-Tailed Demon Fox
Attributes: Major Chakra Boost
Faster healing

[Bijuu List & Training] Hachibi Eight-Tailed Giant Ox
Attributes: Major Strength Boost
Ink creation

[Bijuu List & Training] Shichibi Seven-Tailed Horned Beetle
Attributes: Major Endurance Boost

[Bijuu List & Training] Rokubi Six-Tailed Slug
Attributes: Major Intelligence Boost
Slime substance creation and acidic bubbles

[Bijuu List & Training] Gobi Five-Tailed Dolphin Horse
Attributes: Major Speed Boost
Steam Release

[Bijuu List & Training] Yonbi Four-Tailed Monkey
Attributes: Minor Speed & Strength Boost
Lava Release

[Bijuu List & Training] Sanbi Three-Tailed Giant Turtle
Attributes: Major Stamina Boost
High-speed swimming
Sense slightest movement in water

[Bijuu List & Training] Nibi Two-Tailed Monster Cat
Attributes: Minor Chakra & Speed Boost
Breathes fire
Blue flame body
Flexible muscles

[Bijuu List & Training] Shukaku2 One-Tailed Shukaku
Attributes: Major Chakra Boost
Manipulates sand
Auto sand shield
Influences jinchūriki whenever you sleep

  • Must be a Genin
  • Cannot possess a KKG
  • Cannot start as a Missing Ninja

Training Requirements

  • No Tail - No training required, granted chakra color depending on the bijuu
  • 10% - 800 to master.
  • 20% - 1000 to master.
  • 30% - 1200 to master.
  • 40% - 1400 to master. *Genin Limit*
  • 50% - 1600 to master.
  • 60% - 1800 to master. (Transformation *Small*)
  • 70% - 2000 to master. *Chuunin Limit*
  • 80% - 2200 to master. (Transformation *Medium*)
  • 90% - 2400 to master. (Transformation *Large*)
  • 100% - 2600 to master. (Complete Control/Cooperation of Bijuu)

- But before going through this training, you need to unlock each stage IC, like in a mission where you face a stressful situation. An Admin will have to approve it. After that, you are free to make a training following the wordcount above to fully master that stage, since without doing it you won't be able to use that stage again unless you go in another stressful situation.

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[Bijuu List & Training]
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