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 Kyoko Misaki - The Bloody Cloud of Akatsuki [WiP]

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Kyoko Misaki - The Bloody Cloud of Akatsuki [WiP] Empty
PostSubject: Kyoko Misaki - The Bloody Cloud of Akatsuki [WiP]   Kyoko Misaki - The Bloody Cloud of Akatsuki [WiP] EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 2:49 am

[General Information]

Name: Kiyoko Misaki
Nickname/Alias: Niirochi Kumo (Blood Red Cloud)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Kyoko Misaki - The Bloody Cloud of Akatsuki [WiP] Akatsukiwrs7
There is one thing that just about everyone recognizes about Niirochi the first time they see her. That thing that stands out above her other traits is easily her perfect long, white hair. It's extensive length essentially only goes down to around her waist area. However, she will often extend it's length to exceed her height when in combat as she can control and harden her hair to attack her target or defend against in-coming attacks through the use of her avid shape-shifting abilities. Her hair is easily characterized as being soft, clean, and well kept. Although she rarely takes little more than basic care of it, such as washing it, it somehow takes on a beautifully elegant appearance that leaves many baffled when she easily and carelessly allows blood slung from her enemies' bodies to splotch it.

Her second most recognizable trait would be her gleeful red eyes that seem to be slightly larger than others. Her large eyes are child-like in nature and easily convey her inner insanity when accompanied by her sadistic grin. Her facial expression is usually nothing less of childish and psychotic, even when fighting she maintains such an expression, not even caring if she takes even the most extreme feelings of pain. When taking on a large-scale transformation you can see a feint red aura of spiritual energy extending from her right eye (left when looking straight at her) that wraps around her body or the particular part that is being transformed. Although this is not necessary for transformation, it is often used to quicken the process by directly applying said leaking spiritual energy to the part she wishes to shape-shift.

Due to the fact that her psychotic natures lacks any feelings of shame, her choice of clothing attire could be called nothing less than revealing. A dark black bikini top that is dotted with the trademark red cloud of the Akatsuki along with very short shorts of the same color and pattern comprise her basic clothing. The front of her shorts are completely unzipped, increasing the revealing nature of her clothing, due to her losing the zipper a long time ago and now being incapable of zipping it up. Besides her bikini top and shorts, she also wears pure red leggings, colored very similarly to the color of blood, that start half-way down her thighs and extend all the way down to her black heeled shoes. The heels are approximately an inch tall and have a thick blood red line that runs along the bottom.

Above her bikini top is her black hooded cape, patterned with the same red cloud insignia as her bikini and shorts, that hangs loosely along her shoulders and upper arms. Running along from underneath the cape all the way to her wrists are her pure red sleeves that are not particularly attached to anything but instead cling to her arms. These sleeves look as though they've been washed in blood daily, giving them such a bloody hue. They have long frills at the wrist area, giving them a slightly aristocratic appearance. They also hide heavy weights produced by her shape-shifting abilities that are wrapped tightly around her wrists. These weights weigh twice her weight, which her weight is approximately 111 lbs, and naturally increase the speed and strength of her arms when reabsorbed back into her body.

Along her lean five-foot six-inch body, a fairly short height for someone of her age and skill level, she possesses no more than one tattoo. Although it is not necessary permanent due to her having complete mastery over her body and its appearance, it is etched into her skin none-the-less. The tattoo is a '02' which sits approximately four inches tall on the lower right of her waist. It blends rather well with her skin and can be difficult to spot many times. The 02 signifies her position in Tasogare as the second-in-command. It is a rather defining quality of her appearance as most people recognize her as the second-in-command by merely spotting the tattoo of '02' as rumors have spread of it. There are no other 'permanent' tattoos that she ever has on her body, though she fakes some at some points for recon when she modifies her appearance.

Personality: When she was only four, Kiyoko would always smile whenever she was with her mother and she was regularly at her side, holding her hand. Despite crying whenever she lost in karate, she started to smile again as soon as she saw Tenshi, her sister, when she came to pick her up from the training dojo. She was considered incredibly weak and lacking in many areas including will power and resolve. She was incapable of properly fighting any of the other karate students her age and would often not even try. To many she was nothing more than a weakling who did not even want to become stronger. In fact, such a thing was true until the death of her family.

The death of her father, mother, and sister, having been killed in the chaos that occurred during the Fourth Shinobi War, a way that caused much grief among everyone, pushed her mind into a state of insanity. The majority of her emotions were wiped completely from her being and replaced with pure evil and the relentless intent to kill anyone who crossed her path. This newly acquired resolve to kill turned her into something of a 'monster'. She takes the side of neither good nor evil and will kill those affiliated with either if in the mood or merely for the sport of it. However, for some reason share bares a feeling of loyalty to Akatsuki and will not strike at them without reason. Sometimes even the smallest of reason. Her favorite color is without a doubt blood red, which leads to yet another highly unreasonable purpose for which she kills. At times she will kill simply because she wants to see the color again, splashing the blood across the room after they're dead just to see it on the walls and floor.

Due to her constant fights with unintelligent passer-byers and her seemingly emotionless look, many people are rather afraid of her whether it be because her preceding reputation or her careless demeanor when performing acts that would be considered by others are cruel and completely immoral. Regardless, she will question anyone with any position of authority without a moments hesitation. This has caused her to make a good number of enemies, however, the majority of said enemies did not survive to remain enemies. When Kyoko fights in combat she never fights to knock out the other opponent or merely 'win'. She always goes for the kill and always fight as if it were a death match. If her opponent is not dead than the fight has yet to end. That is her resolve and logical view on combat.

Another tendency found in Kiyoko is her corrective personality. She tends to restate facts in a more technically correct fashion, which has earned her the title by some as a smart-ass or seen as too determined to be correct. This is not the point, however, her sole reason for correcting people's technical mistakes is to make sure everyone gets the correct idea, and do not believe what isn't necessarily true. At times, Kyoko quite prefers a peaceful life of solitude, without the interference of others. She has an extremely improper social life, but is quite the strategic genius in battle; withholding the ability to conjure up plans at a moments notice, when they are most required - based on her own observations.

A few things that Kyoko likes very much are fighting, reading, science, and blood. Although she will fight without any motive what-so-ever, she enjoys it quite a lot. She is very well known for utilizing science when in any form of combat, this adding to her technique's lethality - because she will often combine multiple attacks to form a powerful combination. What also makes her quite a foe to go up against is her creativity and imagination, which drives her high ability to combine techniques in just the right way that makes them that much stronger. When she isn't fighting or killing someone she is often travelling or reading a book.

She feels no shame regardless of the situation, something that comes as a surprise to most. Usually, a psychopath of her nature would feel nothing but shame in similar situations with which she is faced, but she feels none. Such shameful situations could include walking around in the nude or changing in front of her fellow Akatsuki members. Their presence means nothing to her and she does not see any difference whether or not they are there. Unfortunately, this also means that just about anyone who she will allow to get close to her can simply do shameful things to her such as groping on her or sometimes even further than that. This is strictly limited to those that she is on neutral terms with, however, such as comrades in the Akatsuki or allies affiliated with them. Otherwise, no one would even be able to get close enough to do such things.
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Kyoko Misaki - The Bloody Cloud of Akatsuki [WiP]
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